Collection: USSSA Slowpitch Bats

Shop at Kellys Sports for an unbeatable selection of new USSSA Slowpitch bats, including the latest USSSA bats from popular brands like Anarchy, Easton, Miken, Worth, Suncoast, and many more so no matter what type of player you are.. Hit a home run with the best deals in the game on USSSA bats. The regulated associations to consider when you shop for USSSA Bats are USSSA, and SSUSA for Senior Bats.

FAQ: Which is Hotter, a Composite USSSA bat or an Aluminum USSSA Slowpitch bat. Answer: a Composite USSSA bat is Hotter and will an have bigger sweet spots then an aluminum USSSA Slowpitch bat. FAQ: What Weight do USSSA Bats come in. Answer 25 to 30 ounces. FAQ What Lengths do USSSA Slowpitch Bats come in. Answer: 34 length only. FAQ: What size Barrel do USSSA Bats come in. Answer: 2 1/4 inch diameter only.