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About Kelly’s Ultimate Sports

www.kellysultimatesports.com was born in 1995, 26 years and counting! Kelly’s Sports goal has always been to provide Ball players knowledge on the bats they are interested in and give them the best possible price. M. Kelly and his associates choose the bats they want to sell to our customers, but before they do that, the bats are tested months before they are released, so that we can give you the “unique” hottest bats that you deserve. Kelly’s Ultimate Sports strive to keep you happy and satisfied with the purchase you made. You know that if you see a bat on our website, then you know you are getting a “hot bat.” As long as Kelly’s Ultimate Sports know you still love playing ball, enjoy the game and have fun hitting your bats, then Kelly’s Sports will continue bringing you the right kind of “hot bats” for you.

Some Reviews

-Competitive pricing, great customer service, and speedy order processing, makes Kelly’s Ultimate Sport my one stop shop for all my softball gear. I hate shopping for the hot new softball bats in person, when I know I will have to pay retail price due to demand. At Kelly's Ultimate Sports I have the option of buying the same bat for $50 (and sometimes more) off. With their Free Shipping for ground orders, I'm basically saving at least $50 bucks for only having to wait a couple days.

David M
Foster City CA

-This business is great... I recently purchased a bat from these guys... I live in southern california ordered the bat at close of business on tues.. bat arrived fri. just as promised...the prices are the best on the web. and the guy I spoke with on the phone could have upsold me on a more expensive bat ..but was an excellent help in talking with me ..due to my new adventure in slowpitch softball try the bat first since it was a great deal... I will be buying all my bats from this place from now on and sending all that I know in the sport to them as well...thank u Kelly’s Ultimate Sports...

Temecula CA


We are humble and thankful for all that have continued to follow us through our entire business venture. We know that, without you, there wouldn’t be a www.kellysultimatesports.com

Kelly's Ultimate Sports is operated by Smash It Sports Inc., Rochester, NY