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2023 Easton Ghost Fastpitch Bat Review

The 2023 Easton Ghost -10 USSSA/ASA Dual Stamp Fastpitch Softball Bat scores a 10 out of 10 for performance, Durability, and Sweet Spot on this Bat Review scorecard. Click on the Easton Ghost Bat Image below to see all the different weights and Lengths that are available.

2023 Easton Ghost -10 USSSA/ASA Dual Stamp Fastpitch Softball Bat


The Easton Ghost Double Barrel changed everything about fastpitch. Now, it just got better. The 2023 Easton Ghost Double Barrel Fastpitch Bat brings legendary Ghost technology into an optimized design that will give you better pop and better barrel control.

For starters, the patented Double Barrel construction – the hallmark of every Ghost bat – has been refined to create even better power all across the massive sweet spot. In addition, the Sonic Comp technology gives this bat a durable, high-performing impact profile, creating an unmistakable sound Plus, the ConneXion technology creates the best two-piece feel in the game by eliminating vibration and maximizing energy transfer, even on mishits.

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