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Kellys Sports owner Mike Kelly has over 30 Years of experience at the Adult Slowpitch and Major Senior Levels. He has written numerous #1 Blogs pertaining to Slowpitch Softball and Softball Bats.

Most often asked question about Softball Bats.

Question # 1.What are the best Softball Bats made of.

Answer - The two primary materials used for fastpitch softball bats are aluminum alloy and composite. Composite bats are made with a layered material (typically carbon fiber).

Question # 2. Which isupplies more power. an end loaded bat or a balanced bat.

Answer - The more end loaded a softball bat is equalls the more power it will give. A balanced bat will be easy to control and is designed more for base hitters then for power hitters.

Question # 3. In regards to bat weight. Is it better to go lighter or heavier if you want to hit the ball further.

Answer - There is a perfect bat weight for each player and it is up to the player to figure it out but it is better to go with a slightly lighter bat then a too heavy of a bat.

Question #4. What is the cost of the top softball bats

Answer - The best bats in the game start at $249 and go up to $499.

Question # 5. Who ate the top bat manufactuers in the game today.

 Answer - For Slowpitch softball bats, Miken, Easton, Demarini, Worth, Suncoast and Louisville Slugger. For Fastpitch Softball Bats, easton, Demarini, Louisville Slugger, Dudley and Marucci.

Question #6. How do i know if my bat is legal.

Answer - below

For USSSA bats, Click on the USSSA logo below

Logo of USSSA
For ASA/USA Bats, Click on the ASA/USA logo below
ASA logo
For SSUSA Senior Softball Bats, Click on the SSUSA logo below
ssusa senior softball bat approved list
Question #7. Where is the best place to purchase ASA, USSSA and SSUSA legal Softball Bats.
Answer - Click on the Kellys Sports Logo below
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