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Easton Elite Jen Schroeder 33" Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt - MYWHY-29

Easton Elite Jen Schroeder 33" Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt - MYWHY-29

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Introducing the Easton Elite Jen Schroeder 33" Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt, MYWHY-29: Dominate the fastpitch field from the backstop with this top-tier glove!

Mitt Highlights:

After an illustrious fastpitch career at UCLA, Jen Schroeder, a renowned softball instructor, has teamed up with Easton to create this exceptional fastpitch catcher's mitt. Designed with a 33" circumference, it features high-quality Diamond Steer leather for a soft feel, ensuring a straightforward break-in process. Easton goes the extra mile by incorporating a Flex Notch near the heel, allowing for easy and efficient squeezing.

Whether you're a young player starting at 10 years old or an adult woman, this mitt offers a high-quality option with a comfortable fit. Enjoy the benefits of:

- Free Shipping
- 33 Inch Circumference
- Exclusively Recommended for Catchers
- Fairly Easy Break-In
- Snugger Fit for a Female Hand
- Two-Piece, Closed Web
- Game-Ready Diamond Pro Steerhide Leather
- Supple Leather Lining for Optimal Comfort
- White Colorway
- Quantum Wrist Closure System for Quick and Easy Adjustment
- Partially Open Back
- Professional-Grade Rawhide Leather Lacing
- Flex Notch Closure System for Effortless Closing

This signature model of Jen Schroeder, displaying her personal logo and the [Have No Doubt] mantra, combines performance and style. Elevate your catching game with the Easton Elite Jen Schroeder Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt!


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