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The Pitchers Plank

The Pitchers Plank

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THE PITCHERS PLANK The Pitchers' Plank is a revolutionary softball pitching aid. It "forces" the pitcher to emphasize BIO-MECHANICALLY CORRECT use of the body's core muscles, in order to produce the movements that will achieve optimum results. The Pitchers' Plank is perfect for bucket dads who can just catch for their daughter and not have to worry about critiquing this aspect of the windmill pitch.
More power ultimately produces more pitch velocity.
Pitchers have reported increases in fastball speed of 5 mph after regular work on the Pitchers' Plank in only 2 weeks.
The Pitchers' Plank provides instant feedback - patented heel guides and goalposts keep the pitcher's form correct. The Pitchers' Plank is intended for indoor, off-season use. It can be used outdoors (on flat and smooth surfaces).


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