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2024 Anarchy GAS USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat ASP1GAS24U (NO WARRANTY)

2024 Anarchy GAS USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat ASP1GAS24U (NO WARRANTY)

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Introducing the game-changing 2024 Anarchy GAS USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat ASP1GAS24U, engineered to redefine the boundaries of power and performance on the diamond. Designed with precision and innovation, this bat combines a 13" barrel, 1oz end load, and a one-piece composite construction to deliver unmatched results with every swing.


Crafted with Anarchy's Hyper-X composite technology, the ASP1GAS24U boasts a one-piece construction that offers unparalleled stiffness and durability. The seamless integration of materials ensures maximum energy transfer, allowing players to unleash explosive hits with consistency and confidence.


Featuring a 13" barrel, this bat provides an extended sweet spot that's primed for launching missiles off the bat. Whether you're driving line drives into the outfield gaps or launching towering bombs over the fence, the ASP1GAS24U delivers unmatched power and distance with every swing.


With a 1oz end load, this bat is engineered to generate maximum momentum through the hitting zone, allowing players to effortlessly accelerate through the swing and drive the ball with unrivaled force. The strategically placed weight distribution ensures optimal bat speed and power, empowering players to dominate the competition with ease.


Approved for USSSA play, the ASP1GAS24U meets the highest standards of performance and compliance, giving players the confidence to unleash their full potential on the field. Elevate your game and leave your mark with the 2024 Anarchy GAS USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat ASP1GAS24U — where power meets precision for unrivaled performance.

Barrel Length – 13”
End Load - 1oz
Certification – USSSA
Barrel Diameter – 2-1/4 inch 
Tech – Hyper-X
Type - 1-Piece Composite
Weights – 25oz, 26oz, 27oz, and 28oz
Warranty - NO WARRANTY


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